… starring ‘Baby Bumps’

16 Jun

Bollywood actress Konkana Sen debuts showing off baby bumps!

For those who haven’t heard or seen the good news, the enigmatic and classy actress Konkana Sen Sharma who married her long time beau Ranvir Shorey last year, has happily posed for the shutterbug displaying her baby bump for April 2011’s issue of Ok! magazine. The acclaimed actress who was seen earlier in national award winning films like ‘Page 3’ and ‘Traffic Signal’ sports a green top in the picture that graces the cover of the magazine. Konkana appears to be smiling a sweet smile as she looks at the bump, visibly excited to be on the verge of motherhood.

Konkana delivered a healthy baby boy just weeks after she modeled for the magazine. She and Ranvir together have named the baby Haroon which in Arabic means the protector. Konkana follows fellow actress Tara Sharma who set the precedent in Bollywood by flaunting her baby bump on the cover of another magazine months earlier.  Konkana now joins a list of elite celebrities around the world who have posed in the nude or semi nude to proudly showcase their baby bumps.

It was Demi Moore, the beautiful Hollywood actress and star of films like ‘Ghost’ and ‘Striptease’ who set the ball rolling with her posing for the covers of Vanity Fair two decades ago for the August 1991 issue when she was seven months into the pregnancy. The cover featuring a visibly pregnant actress in the nude with her hand across her chest, generated enormous controversy both for the actress as well as the magazine with hot debates between both the critics and the supporters alike regarding a breach of sacrosanct relationship between a mother to be and her unborn child. But everything said and done, Demi Moore had made a style statement!

However, it was another 8 years before another celebrity hit the cover of a magazine. Cindy Crawford, pregnant with her first child, posed in the nude showing off her baby bump when she was seven months pregnant.  Other celebrities too followed in the course of time. Actresses such as Monica Belluci, Mila Jovovich and singers like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and other celebrities like Lisa Marie Presley and model Claudia Schiffer jumped on the bandwagon to grace the covers of international magazines proudly showcasing their baby bumps.

What’s with these celebrities who don’t shy away from exposing their pregnant condition? While some might argue it’s not right for such open display of their baby bumps but for these proud mothers, it’s one way of staying in touch with the amazing feeling of being a universe and a baby in her womb as the epicenter of this universe, the very life it is giving birth too. There is no greater feeling for a woman then to feel the gentle kick of the baby inside her, the tender movements, the feeling that another life lives inside her. And what better way to retain that feeling forever then through the lenses of a camera?

Ever since the invention of the first camera, photography has played an important role in the lives of the human beings in relishing memories of the past. Photographs are the closest to the memories of our near and dear ones in all their likeness. And when your unborn child is nested in the cool comforts of your womb, there is no greater joy except when you give birth to that child and then your joy knows no boundary. These celebrity mothers want to retain those wonderful moments forever in their heart and photographs and videos go a long way in securing that. And it’s not the celebrities who are happily posing for the shutterbugs. Even private individuals are now shedding the inhibitions and posing for their private albums so that when their child grows up, he could see the pictures of his mother’s baby bumps and feel more connected to her, further strengthen the bond between the mother and her child. So go ahead and show off your baby bumps to the camera!


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